Being a FREEDOMpreneur

Kickstart to a FANTASTIC 2015! December 08 2014

It's not too late to start your working on your business dreams for 2015! I'll help you get a kickstart in your business - I'm a qualified adult trainer and entrepreneurial business coach with a Master degree in HRM, specialising in leader...ship and organisational change....I've been teaching people how to start and run their own small business for 11 years and the material that I have developed for you is exactly what I teach others when they are working towards business qualifications....

I know some of you are HIGHLY motivated, but are struggling to find the money for my high-end I found a solution!!!!

Now every single business coaching module is ALSO a Stand-alone course at a reduced rate which makes it SUPER-AFFORDABLE. To get to this crazy rate, I've taken out my personal one-on-one mentoring - don't freak out, you can still get this access to me, but it's now a separate cost.

The Modules are just USD$350 each - each contains a full-on webinar training session with powerpoint slides, pdfs, checklists and instructions for IMPLEMENTATIONS directly into your new sparkily business. You can do one at a time, at your pace and when you have the funds to spend. No lock in contracts, no commitments.

So, does that make it achievable and super-exciting? Here's the list of modules - Visualisation, Self Discovery, Entrepreneurship, Attracting Idyllic Clients, Tantalising Tempters, Lucrative Liaisons, Inspirational Leadership, Targeted Training and Meaningful Mentoring, Soul Food, Mind, body and Spirit Wellness

So, Santa and I are waiting to give you the BEST Christmas present yet - the affordable start to your future business.....there's absolutely nothing to stop you now, nothing to get in your way, no excuses to make because there is no lock in commitment, no high coaching fee, and a do-a-module-anytime-I-want philosophy.....

Email me at so that I know what you'd like to start with..... Can't wait to help you achieve your business dreams!!!

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Being your own boss is GOLD! December 08 2014

If you're reading this, then you have already decided you want a better life for yourself!  Well done you! 

That's what I decided for myself back on December 31st, 2002 - New Years Eve!  After years of "overwork and underpay", a boss who was moody and invited opinion and then tore you to shreds for it, I was actually losing sleep on a Sunday night not wanting to ever go back to work on the Monday.  As my tears fell into my bubbles at the thought of having to go back to work after the Christmas break, I devised and slept on the idea of becoming a business owner, and nutted out the pros and cons until the wee small hours.  When I woke up on New Years Day, I was a new woman! 

That was 11 years ago was the best thing I ever did!  I've given myself different titles over the years and I started out as a Learning and Development/Management Consultant, evolving into a FREEDOMpreneur as my business evolved.  One thing I encountered at every workplace I consulted to was the destructiveness of some bullying behaviour there, and all I could think of on the way home each day was that as a Consultant who was not tied to the company, I was so glad that I didn't have to deal with office politics anymore.....AND I don't have to ask for time off, I don't have to go into a negative atmosphere, I don't have to ask for payrises, and I don't have to seek anyone's permission to work on what I love to do. 

What I didn't think about though was sharing the secret of FREEDOMpreneurship with others, mainly because the people I came across weren't really open to taking that risk of working for themselves. 

Now I think differently - I come across more and more people nowdays that are so unhappy in their workplace for a variety of different reasons.  It could be that they feel undervalued and underutilised, or overworked and underpaid, or they can't wait to get out because the values between themselves and their boss are at odds, such as they've lost respect at their manager's recent lack of integrity. 

I decided that I would make a difference to those people, those risk takers who know they deserve more out of life than they are getting.  I decided to open my business and expertise to the world..... 

As a trainer/coach of business, leadership and management over the last 17 years, I have taught thousands of people how to become better leaders, better managers and better business owners.  What I'm doing differently now is that I've ramped up my global coaching practice and taken it to new heights.... 

You have the opportunity to work with me, one-on-one with a range of intensities and durations, so that you can be the most amazing entrepreneur or leader/manager you can possibly be.  I have developed 3 AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGING personalised coaching programs for you……..introducing:
  • Business Starter, and
  • Leadership and Business Brilliance, and
  • Leadership and Business Mastery
Before reading on in the next installment, the type of person who will be suitable for these programs is the person who WANTS to and is READY to change their life from being mediocre to AMAZING, who knows that they have a purpose to do good in this world whether self-employed or employed by others, and is READY to be in the driver’s seat of their life!!  

Stay tuned for the next instalment where a full explanation of the programs, and details of "What's In it for YOU" will be revealed......truly, its worth waiting for! 

In the meantime, think about where you are at - are you ready to take control of your life and be the happiest you've ever been? 

When you're a FREEDOMpreneur, you think and act GLOBALLY December 08 2014

When you're a FREEDOMpreneur, you think and act GLOBALLY.  You're not limited to 4 walls, you're not chained to a desk.....and you definitely do not have a boss breathing down your neck.....

Being your own boss is freedom-generating, liberating, flexible and incredible life you can imagine.....whether you work from home or around the world.

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