Never underestimate the influential power of a professionally written Resume! April 16 2014, 0 Comments

Professional Resumes

Resumes today are targeted and written exclusively toward a specific job or type of jobs. This is to showcase the exact skills that will be relevant to that particular role. A generic Resume misses the opportunity to be specific and often vital information is missing. How it is written is also important – the language used and skill level need to reflect the different levels of jobs that are being applied for.  

Professional Resumes @ Anne McGrath Consulting provides professional resume writing services, covering ALL industries, to help you succeed in getting the job you want! Your Resume will be professionally developed and written by a Master degree qualified HR consultant (Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations).  

Not only can you go to the website: and have your Resume professionally written or critiqued for FREE, you can gain access to many other services there too, including interview coaching, career profiling, confidence booster sessions plus social media profiling.