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Successful people are people of action! They live and breathe positivity, optimism and successful thinking from their conscious mind to the very core of their beliefs. As these are learned behaviours, you can learn to completely overhaul and transform your life on this 30 Day Journey. This book will empower you to flip negative thinking into positive, find the silver lining in every cloud, bounce back and bust through fear, eliminate negative triggers, cope with changing circumstances and manifest a millionaire mindset

Inspirational Products

With Inspirational Products, there are calendars, diaries and cards developed complete with beautiful photos and inspirational quotations, guaranteed to lift your mood, inspire you or help you change your life for the better!  Perfect for both your home and work life.  Come, be inspired!!!! 

 Business Coaching

As a industry expert, FREEDOMpreneur and specialist Business Coach and Mentor, Anne has developed an array of global online business coaching programs:

  • Standalone Modules (each module done at your own pace with no lock in commitment)
  • 3 month Business Startup Coaching Program
  • 6 month Leadership and Business Brilliance Coaching Program
  • 12 month Leadership and Business Mastery Coaching Program
  • Ongoing "Staying Connected" Coaching Program
  • VIP Intensive Coaching

Professional DIY Resumes and Selection Criteria

As a senior recruiter and professional Resume writer, Anne has developed over 30 different industry DIY templates for Resumes and Selection Criteria, where all the hard work has been done for you!  All you need to do is insert your on information into the template where indicated.  Get a "Professional Resume" from Anne McGrath Consulting and open up opportunities for your career with the most important marketing tool you will ever own!

As the templates are professionally hand-crafted by Anne, all the hard work is done.  She has designed the template, made suggestions on where to put your information all at a lower price point for you!  If you rather pay a bit more and have her personalise your Resume just for you, then go to www.professionalresumes.com.au 

Just remember not to rely on your old Resume - thinking it might be still OK because it has worked before, will have you stuck right where you may not want to be.  Don't YOU be the one that gets stuck in the mud.....

The innovation continues in DIY Selection Criteria, where you can choose from one or a number of theory-related responses for different topic areas and add them to your shopping basket.  The paragraphs also prompt you where to put your own example to show that you meet the criteria.

There is NO-ONE in the world doing this - we want to empower you to do this for yourself, not capture you in coming back time after time.  In DIY Selection Criteria, you have the opportunity to: 

  • buy theory related responses that are aligned to some subject areas, ready for you to insert your examples (UNHEARD of!!!!!)

Surviving Redundancy 

Get a FREE Report from an industry expert and someone who has been through it twice!



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