1/2 Day Hawaiian Escape - Laser Coaching

$700.00 $1,500.00

Business owners/Newbies to Business:  Got pressing problems and burning questions? Feel stuck and need some help? Confused with a zillion ideas but don’t know which one to do first?  Want crystal clarity and active help on what to do?

Come to my "½ Day Hawaiian Escape" laser coaching session in mid-April, and I will answer questions, solve problems, provide clarity and direction, and create full success Action Plans for you to drive your business forward!  Have your “Spring Break” in Hawaii and party with me because ALL money spent on travel/accommodation/coaching is tax deductible!

If you are starting out, want a boost, or are a seasoned professional at a cross-roads, join me in paradise for an incredible 3 hours of laser coaching in a 5-star resort! It’s called laser coaching because we pinpoint the issues and focus on the solutions - it’s speedy, satisfying and sensational! You will walk away with abundant confidence, crystal clear direction and clarity, bubbling energy and a concrete Action Plan to start putting into practice on the plane trip on the way home!

Included is a "get to know you" buffet breakfast, 3 hours of coaching, all coaching materials, then a "woo hoo" celebratory lunch with a cocktail/mocktail or two, before you're back on the plane heading home.  Plus, there will be other surprise bonuses worth over $100 given to you on the day! 

Interested?  I’m so excited to offer a 50% discount if you sign up in March. All coaching, coaching materials, meals (breakfast, lunch and drinks) and bonuses just USD$700 (Payment plans of 2x$350 available before 31st March 2015). All travel and accommodation in, to and from Hawaii is up to you (which is tax deductible). 

If you’ve been putting off doing something, the time has come!  Come, join me for your Spring Break (even if it is just an over-nighter!) and get laser focused and confident on how you are driving your business forward!  Would love to work with you!