Ongoing "Staying Connected" Coaching


As a FREEDOMpreneur and Strategic Career Specialist, I help people achieve career and business brilliance, through my professional development, business mentoring and entrepreneurial leadership coaching.  I have a Master degree in HRM, specialising in Leadership and Organisational Change - I have been teaching people how to run their own business for 11 years in my own practice, and another 4 years on top of that!

I'm here to help you achieve the ultimate goal of being your own boss!!!! I help people create and shape their future to live the FREEDOMS that they desire.

I only work with people who:

• want to change their life from mediocre to AMAZING
• have a fire in their bellies to want more
• have a passion to do something to help others
• do not limit themselves with NO, but say YES

These programs are for those:

• Budding entrepreneurs/self-employed including Mumpreneurs who want to work from home
• Itching to break out of the 9 - 5 for a BETTER LIFE!!!
• Inspirational leaders/managers of today and tomorrow
• People who just want to be a BETTER manager/leader

Talk with me about your wildest and most ambitious dreams! You have the opportunity to work with me, one-on-one with a range of intensities and durations, so that you can be the most amazing entrepreneur or leader/manager you can possibly be.



Gain access to a leadership expert, a FREEDOMpreneur and Strategic Career Specialist (that's me!) in one hour, half day or full-day lots.  Each session is ramped-up, turbo charged and filled with what YOU WANT TO KNOW - have your questions ready so that you can then walk away with a full ACTION PLAN to implement into your business!

Half Day Session - $1500


My ideal client is the person who WANTS to and is READY to change their life from being mediocre to AMAZING, who knows that they have a purpose to do good in this world whether self-employed or employed by others, and is READY to be in the driver’s seat of their life!!


• be eager and open to learning
• be able to be coached and work in collaboration with an expert
• be ready to throw out all the “No I can’t” excuses and say “yes, BRING IT ON!!!”

Ask yourself:
• Want to be happy?
• Are you scared by zinging and buzzing with excitement 24/7?
• Want to be inspired by incredible people?

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